Are old golf clubs worth anything?

However, it's not at all common to see this type of value. Antique golf clubs can be found in both men's and women's styles. Many vintage clubs are also available in right- and left-handed varieties. Both irons and woods can usually be found among vintage golf clubs for sale on eBay, and there are also putters and wedges.

If you want to buy old golf clubs for sale, you should know that some of these clubs are not suitable for play. I quickly discovered that although these wooden sticks looked special, they were best used as wall decor. The basic rule about antique wooden shaft golf club value is in general, the older, the rarer, the rarer, the more value. Keep in mind that a vintage club in good condition is probably worth more than a club that is falling apart.

Quality, limited production and history or the famous original owner or name like Tom Morris in a club are just a few other instances where value can increase dramatically. Before using it, it is advisable to review the current golf rules to see if older clubs are allowed in the tournament. Like all categories of golf equipment, there have been tremendous advances in putter design and performance over the past decade, especially in the high-MOI deck category. One of the best sources of cleek brand data is Peter Georgiady's Cleek Marks and Trademarks on Antique Golf Clubs, a valuable resource for deciphering these unique brands.

When I first signed a lease for the field, I found a bunch of old wooden sticks in one of the storage areas. So how much can your old or vintage golf clubs get at auction? How much can you expect to pay and then sell them? What is the difference between common vintage golf clubs and rare vintage golf clubs? In general, less than 5% of all hickory wood sticks have a value beyond decorative or playable value. So unless you notice some damage to the ball you've been playing or a change in performance (loss of distance or unpredictable flight), I'd say you're sure to play almost any modern golf ball until you lose it or it just doesn't look good anymore.

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