How Often Should You Replace Your Golf Irons?

Golfers should replace their irons every four to five years or after about three hundred rounds. This is a good rule of thumb for both low handicap and casual golfers, as it prevents clubs from wearing out and impacting their game. Traditional wrought irons have not changed technologically over the years, so it's up to the golfer's preferences when it comes to advancements. The best way to try out new clubs is on the golf course, rather than synthetic mats and screens.

This is especially true for golfers who have gone through one or two swing changes over the years, as the right clubs can help them adapt to their improved swing, improve their swing, or adapt to physical restrictions. The improved feel when making contact with the golf ball is one of the best things about a new set of irons. It's much easier to control the flight of the ball and have more control over distances. However, buying forgiveness can rob a golfer of their ability to “learn to play golf”.

The proper length of the golf club angle of repose and an axis that is suitable for the player's swing speed can make a big difference in their game. When shopping for new clubs, it's important to keep in mind that club condition doesn't have to be the key reason for changing them. In general, it is recommended that golfers change their irons every 3 to 5 years or every 300 rounds to address wear and keep up with changes in club manufacturing technology.

Marjorie Mitchell
Marjorie Mitchell

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