What Golf Clubs Should You Carry in Your Bag?

Golfers of all levels agree that the putter, wedges, and driver are the most important golf clubs to have in their bag. The putter is the most used club, accounting for 53% of shots. Many golf professionals believe that high handicap players should not carry a driver in their bag. However, this is not a theory that I agree with.

High handicap players should learn to hit a driver and keep it in their bag. It is important to take the time to improve your driver swing, as it can make or break your game. Not all golfers prefer to carry a lob wedge in their bag. If your chipping and pitching fundamentals are not up to par, then you should use the sand wedge and pitching wedge for shots around the green.

You are allowed to carry up to fourteen clubs in your bag, but experienced golfers usually use some variation of the standard set of clubs, including a putter, a set of irons, and a driver. Gap and Lob wedges can increase a player's options on the field. The best golfers often change their set from week to week or even between rounds to continue challenging their game and working on their weaknesses. It is important to work on areas where you are struggling and continue to play to your strengths.

If there is a club that exaggerates your weaknesses, such as long irons, then replace it with one that is easier to hit, such as hybrids. Hybrids are less challenging alternatives for even highly skilled golfers, not just beginners. Read on to learn more about the best clubs on the market and how to choose the best clubs for your bag. Surprisingly, golf clubs are allowed to be added during the round of golf as long as the total number of clubs does not exceed 14, as long as this addition does not delay play time and provided that the club or clubs you are adding are not from another golfer's bag. In total, 54 percent of golfers agreed that the putter is the most important club to have in order to lower scores. Beginners often wonder if trying a new type of club can help or hinder their game and what type of clubs are allowed on the course.

Golf's two main governing bodies, R&A and USGA, are strict when it comes to a 14-club golf bag configuration. It is hard to make big shots when you don't have the right clubs at your disposal, so make sure you think carefully about the composition of your set. Your set should consist of fourteen clubs that give you confidence to face any situation that may arise from the first tee to the last green. Experiment with each club style to determine which type works best for you and your golf game. Ultimately, you need clubs that give you confidence and help you become a better golfer.

Marjorie Mitchell
Marjorie Mitchell

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