What clubs does an average golfer need?

Many golf professionals believe that a high handicap shouldn't put a driver in their golf bag. It's not a theory I believe in. Most high-handicap players are on a quest to become a medium handicap; eventually, they will have to learn to free a driver and hit him directly on the street. Keeping it out of the bag doesn't allow it.

Yes, a high handicap needs to learn how to hit a driver. At first, if the higher handicap feels more comfortable taking the first hit with a fairway timber, that's totally acceptable. However, when they return to the driving range, the driver must go out of the bag and work on it. A golf driver is one of those clubs that can make you lose or make you lose.

Taking the time needed to improve when hitting a driver will pay off. Not all golfers prefer to carry a lob wedge in their bag. If your chipping and pitching fundamentals aren't that good, then you should probably use the sand wedge and pitching wedge for your shots around the green. The two must-have golf clubs for a golfer are a driver and a putter.

Of course, it's up to the golfer to have those clubs tailored to their needs and specifications, but every average golfer needs a driver and a putter. Adding more clubs will not make you a better golfer, if anything, it will hurt your game because it will be more difficult for you to gain consistency with your clubs. We created this site to test different products and find the best equipment and tips for the average weekend hacker. The longer shaft, low loft amount, and thin face make it too difficult for most golfers to hit, and that's why a hybrid 5 is the best choice.

My driver has an extra stiff, 9-degree loft Project X axle, which was determined by the fit of my club. Most golfers still consider running at least one street a necessity, simply because this club can do what a hybrid can't. In addition, when you play in competitions or tournaments, it's a penalty if you have more than 14 clubs in your bag. Players with a medium handicap will want to look for golf clubs that have a recessed cavity in style and that have some indulgent features that make them easier to hit.

The results are what really matter, and the results should always determine what type of clubs you should use. Remember that each individual situation will vary and you may need to make some adjustments to find the exact set of clubs for your game. This can be useful with wedges because as your game improves, your distances will increase and you may find larger gaps between club distances that didn't exist before. Their larger club faces allow a higher percentage to get you to the sweet spot, making them very attractive for beginners.

Whether it means carrying three or four wedges, your higher clubs should give you overall versatility. Here is some useful information that will ensure that the golf clubs in your bag really help you perform. The players get nervous that they are going to hit these clubs far above the green and cause more problems. Which is a shame, because often the best way to get the best out of a specific club is to supplement it with shrewd selections around them.

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